Seung-chan’s Diary: Seung-chan, RUN! (120816)

Seung-chan, RUN!

I want to talk about Fuji TV’s ‘Tousouchuu’ show that I’ve recorded before which will air on 8/28.
The hunters in the show…. were really scary!
I might have nightmares about their cold expressions..

Oh no, the grand prize is 1,080,000 yen! Wow!

But it wasn’t easy!

In the middle part, I was paired with Ume-chan from AKB48. It’s rare to see BIGBANG and AKB48 doing a collaboration!

By the way, these days, I meet AKB in shows a lot. They never show their exhausted expressions, always showing smiles. Now I know why AKB48 is loved… Their members’ ages are about the same as mine, so we’ve become friends. Their faces are pretty, and their hearts too ^_^ I’ll keep on supporting them!

I really have met a lot of people in shows!! And in just 1 month! This is great!

Lastly, please look forward for SSTV Seung-chan’s Complete Declaration of Victory tonight at 10!!

Translated by 0401rurutic, Photos from VIPChica via DCVI


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