Seung-chan’s Diary: My seniors… (120815)

My seniors are all so kind ^_^

Today, my senior Se7en who is from the same company as mine, came and guested for Sakigake Ongaku Banzuke. Senior Se7en is really good in singing… His personal magnetism (charisma) is no joke.

He is a senior who I always respect. He’s always so kind. When something is wrong, he points it out and explains it for me. Thanks to him, I’m able to improve.


Then, in the evening, I had a recording for Sekai Banzuke. I love all the members of ‘Neptune’ !! T.T They are the best. Nagura-san who speaks in Osaka dialect, Horiken Sensei with his weird gags, and Taizou-san’s kindness. They have always been taking good care of me. The people around me are all really kind, I feel so blessed!

Translated by 0401rurutic @ Twitter
Photos from .나노 @ DCVI


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