Psy’s ‘Summer Stand Concert’ to Broadcast as a Chuseok Special 2 Years in a Row

Psy’s concert is to be broadcasted nationwide as a special for Chuseok (the Korean Thanksgiving Day).

Yesterday, Psy held a concert “Psy’s Summer Stand: The Drenched Show” at the Seoul Jamsil Stadium. As a special in the honor of Chuseok in September, MBC will broadcast Psy’s concert nationwide.

After the release of the song “Gangnam Style” and the unbelievable accumulation of international popularity, more and more tickets were being sold for Psy’s concert at the Jamsil Stadium. As a result, seats had to be added to the concert at the stadium. During the concert, Psy revealed, “Thanks to all of you, ‘Summer Stand Concert’ will be broadcasted nationwide by MBC as a special for Chuseok!” which made the audience scream out loud to show their support.

Psy continued, “Last year’s ‘Summer Stand Concert’ was broadcasted as well for Chuseok and I got the honor of it being broadcasted for Chuseok again this year. I think I must be the youngest singer among the ones who get their concert broadcasted for Chuseok specials” and brought laughter to the audience.

Over 30,000 fans attended the concert to enjoy Psy’s music regardless of the unbearable heat.

Source: kpopstarz


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