Psy Speaks About the Current K-pop Industry, Criticizes Lack of Diversity


After gaining global popularity with his latest hit, “Gangnam Style,” Psy recently sat down to share his thoughts on the current K-pop industry.

In an interview with Kstar10, Psy remarked, “These days, all the music videos are too similar, with fancy packaging and sparkly sets. With my music, I want to spread joy and enthusiasm from start to finish, which is why we filmed at 35 different spots. The whole filming process was similar to the making of a Hollywood blockbuster.”

Psy also commented, “But, I feel good about the current idols’ concerts. I used to feel like the idol concerts were just for fan service, but nowadays, their concerts are well-prepared and quite impressive. It looks like they are gaining popularity for their vocal skills, and I hope they will continue to work hard during their concerts.”

Meanwhile, Psy releases the sequel to “Gangnam Style,” titled “Oppa You’re My Style,” which is a song from the woman’s perspective. Additionally, “Gangnam Style” recently reached the #1 spot on Youtube’s monthly chart after being released about a month ago on July 15th.

Source: 10Asiae via koreaboo


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