Psy Soaks Up His Audience with His ‘Soaked Show’

A whiff of autumn seeped from the skies of the hottest summer in dozens of years on the day of Psy’s exclusive concert. The hot temperatures helped Psy along by loosening up a bit and blowing cool breezes that tickled the noses of the audience gathered to see the singer perform.

Psy’s Summer Stand THE Soaked Show, however, both figuratively and literally set fire to the Jamsil Auxiliary Stadium on August 11.

Thanks to the great success of Gangnam Style, the concert gathered 30,000 people, much more than the crowd that had gathered for the singer’s concert last year.

A video showing overseas reactions from CNN and other media outlets to Gangnam Style warmed up the audience for the great performance to come. Psy then used his trademark charisma to bring them up on their feet.

Psy started off with his hits Right Now and All Night Long, providing a brief introduction to what the rest of the concert would be like.

Psy said, “This year is my 12th year since my debut, and I’ve become a civilian after serving my military duties for six years. This is my second Soaked Show following last year’s.”

Psy then added, “I believe Korean and overseas press members are here today. Although I may be funny, I hope every one of you in the audience try to be as cool as possible.”

The audience did indeed follow his word, as they enjoyed the concert and cheered at Psy’s every move.

Psy made everyone dance with the hits In My Eyes, Bird, Blue Frog, It’s Art, Father, Entertainer, Gangnam Style and his self-composed DJ DOC hit I’m This Kind of Person.

During his performance of Shake It with Noh Hong Chul, the canvas that had been covering the stage actually caught on fire from the fireworks that had been set off, but Psy kept everyone calm by keeping his cool.

Psy said, “Wait a minute. Yes, this is how it is. If we get shaken up now, it’s going to be really embarrassing. It’s actually pretty cool. Hey, everyone. How hot do you have to be to set the stage on fire? This wasn’t in my plan, but since we need time to take care of that [fire] I’ll sing you a song I wasn’t planning to sing.”

He added humorously, “Everyone, please look at me. I don’t want to lose to an inanimate thing. Look at me. This happened because we were so hot like fire,” then sang Lee Seung Gi’s hit Because You’re My Girl without any background accompaniments to back him up. Fortunately the fire was taken care of in 10 minutes, and the concert continued.

Psy said in the middle of his concert, “I believe this is my vocation. Even when I dress like a woman, I’m really lonely and sad, but I don’t care if it makes you happy. I want to thank the greatest audience in the world, that doesn’t care for a singer’s visuals and enjoys the culture itself.”

2NE1, Noh Hong Chul and Sung Si Kyung appeared as special guests for the festival of music, and the audience went home soaked in happiness, water and sweat, just as the Soaked Show meant to do.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment
Source: enewsworld


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