Psy Bursts Into Tears During a Performance on ‘Super Star K4′


Viewers are curious to know the story behind Psy‘s tears.

CableTV Mnet‘s ‘Super Star K4‘ is getting ready to air its first broadcast, and on August 16th, Mnet released photos of new judge Psy exploding into tears on set.

Psy appears to have been touched by a contestant on the show, and he is applauding and wiping his tears away with his hands.

A ‘Super Star K4′ staff member explained, “While proceeding with the ‘military preliminaries’, judge Psy was in the middle of listening to a contestant sing when he suddenly burst into tears.”

Psy himself had told the staff members, “I was extremely moved. I had been moved by a lot of contestants before watching the show as a viewer, but experiencing this on set makes me feel like I did the right thing by coming on board as a ‘Super Star K4′ judge.”

However, Psy is reportedly an extmrely blunt and honest judge. At the ‘Super Star K4′ press conference that was held on August 15th, producer Kim Tae Eun remarked, “Psy is four times more fierce than judge Lee Seung Chul.”

The first broadcast airs August 17th at 11PM.

Source: TVReport via Nate
Credits & Translations: Allkpop


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