Psy “A Mutant Genius” What Will Happen After?


Psy was recognized in Korea as an outrageous singer and performer after his debut song “Bird,” which was released in 2001. The song “Bird” instantly became a hit and still remains as one of the most popular songs by Psy.

Regardless of the impression the public has of the singer Psy, he is very mature and intelligent in reality. Psy is now married with two girls and has been to the Korean military not once, but twice. Psy has always had an energetic personality as a singer even before the release of his new song “Gangnam Style.” Now, as the head of a family in his mid-30s, it seemed a bit inappropriate to expect the same amount of excitement and ridiculousness before he became husband and father.

Psy, Please Return to Your Mutant-Like Image

Psy shocked everybody when he returned with “Gangnam Style” after 2 years have passed since he joined YG Entertainment. With major agencies like YG Entertainment, it is normal for each individual star to adjust to the styles of the agency and begin losing their individuality. However, YG Entertainment Representative Yang Hyun Suk reportedly said only one thing to Psy: instead of telling Psy what to do, he told him “Go back to the Psy from back in the days.”

The main reason Psy was so popular was because of his free spirited personality that seemed to be uncontrollable. In the conservative nation of South Korea, Psy’s uncensored statements and suggestive performances offended the older generation. However, the younger generation viewed Psy as a fresh breath of air and felt a sense of satisfaction from him. Today, Psy has become a global artist with his unique style and talent.

Psy’s popularity revealed that K-Pop artists other than idol groups have a possibility of succeeding internationally.

Although Psy has spent a few years as a member of the YG Entertainment, he has a different DNA from the members of idol groups that are completely under the control of the agencies. Unlike idol group members who have been in the agencies for countless number of years, Psy is a mutant genius who is absolutely a one-of-a-kind.

Psy’s Regrets Regarding the Audition… Applying and Problems in the Matter of Will

Without a doubt, there are a number of idol group members who share the same type of DNA Psy possesses. However, without a wealthy family and supportive people, just like Psy grew up with, their talents are only recognized as useless and simply ridiculous. In the society that puts emphasis on “normal,” those talents are easily left to die.

New audition programs that places importance of individuality have emerged recently in order to help those with DNA like Psy’s. It is a big improvement regardless of the fact that most of the audition programs focus on the contestants’ ability to entertain rather than trying to flourish their special talents.

After Psy’s success, the entertainment industry in Korea has probably been attempting to find the next Psy. However, a genius artist like Psy cannot be created by any type of agency that trains their trainees for years after years since a genius cannot be created.

Source: kpopstarz


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