New York’s NY1 Interview: “Korean Music Report: 2NE1 To Launch “New Evolution” In NY Area”

We’ve heard a lot about the Korean music acts trying to make it big in America. The latest comes from the last of that country’s big three entertainment companies and promises a “new evolution.” 2NE1 will start its quest in the New York area. NY1′s Lewis Dodley filed the following report.

Meet CL, Dara, Bom, and Minzy. The group 2NE1 burst onto the Asian music scene with the hit “Fire” in 2009 and have been red hot ever since. Now they’re headed to New York. But what sets them apart from the other Korean groups trying to find success in the United States?

I think it’s our music and our loving fans that give us energy on stage,” said 2NE1′s CL.

I feel that with 2NE1 and with YG, which is the big record label that they’re under, they really want to distance themselves from K-pop,” said entertainment writer David Yi. “So when you talk to any YG artists, they tell you ‘oh, we’re not K-pop, that’s not our genre.’ They would say that they’re more hip-hop or more electronic music.”

2NE1 caught the attention of the Black Eyed He’s been working with the group, fueling speculation that 2NE1 will have an English offering soon. Without confirming that, the girls told us in a pre-recorded video from Korea that America had better watch out.

Yeah, we’re ready to see our fans from all around the world,” CL said. “We’re ready to have fun with our fans. I hope they’re ready.”

2NE1 has this buzz around them because they kind of are the Lady Gaga/Nicki Minajes of South Korea,” Yi said. “They do have such sick style that even that alone has people going ‘oh my gosh, they are insane.’”

Of course, he means insanely talented. 2NE1 comes to the New York area for one stop in their global tour as they take the stage at Newark’s Prudential Center on August 17.

Brief Interview with 2NE1:

SourceL NY1, &  kamejinpryo@YT


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