Seung-chan’s Diary: Popular Seungri (120813)

Today I had a recording for a show together with Higashino-san! I can’t reveal the show’s name yet. He’s totally good with talking and we conversed in perfect harmony! “VI, you did well~~”, he told me^_^ I’m happy(^-^)/

Next are the 3 men who represent Japan (also known as the Big 3 of Japanese comedians). Tamori-san, Beat Takashi-san, Sanma-san.. Their names alone are amazing. Among them, I appeared on Sanma-san’s show. Sanma-san is a straightforward person^^ And his show is just like him!

He’s a really nice guy. (^-^)/ Today, Sanma-san told me this, “VI, you’re just like me. I feel that we have the same vibe.” Awesome!^_^ From now on, I want to appear more on his shows!

Sanma-san, please be kind to me^_^ Today, I finished at 11:30pm.. I’m working hard, right? So please cheer for me. Good night^_^

(Seungri’s guesting Sanma-san’s show, Much Ado About Kama’s Love, will air on August 17.)

Translated by Marthapido
Credits: 12akane02 @ Twitter (Blog Entry), As tagged (Photo)


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