2NE1 May Perform Michael Jackson Tribute for US New Evolution Concerts + Travis Payne Interview


[NOTE: This article was translated into Chinese (from the original Korean) before being translated into English as the original OSEN article could not be found, and only this report has been found regarding the Michael Jackson tribute, hence the ‘may’ in the title of this article.]

Last month, YG has revealed that the choreographer for Michael Jackson‘s “THIS IS IT” concert, Travis Payne, together with Beyonce’s tour band’s leader Divinity Roxx, will be participating in 2NE1′s first world tour.

A Korean group that has a huge influence worldwide, 2NE1 has worked together with Travis Payne and Divinity Roxx at their concerts held in the Seoul Olympics Gymnastics Stadium on 28 and 29 July. Payne and Roxx are both figures that possess great influence in the mordern music world; Payne had once obtained 4 MTV Video Music Awards due to his work in Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson’s various MVs, and had also choreographed for Usher, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Backstreet Boys, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Westlife and etc while Divinity Roxx has been a core member of various prolific bands. Her powerful stage performances certainly do not pale in comparison to those of male band members and is also sensational in Korea.

When talking about 2NE1, Travis Payne said with a smile: “They are the most amazing girl group that I’ve worked with, there isn’t any that compare (to them), I’ve never thought that Korean musicians would be this amazing. There are a lot of times that their talent and dedication would move you; working with them, to a certain extent is also another affirmation of my abilities.”

Travis Payne also talked about the personal conversations he had with the members.

Minzy is a dancer whose talent is unmatched, her creative ability and ability to express herself with her body is just like Michael Jackson then,” Travis Payne told the reporter. “Minzy had also imitated Michael Jackson’s legendary dance, she is very fond of it personally. When she very charismatically and dynamically danced the moonwalk, I was stunned, the performance was beyond brilliant, unlike any other.”

Travis Payne also said that 2NE1 has expressed their reverence for Michael Jackson and that he will be helping them complete a tribute to Michael Jackson on stage in the form of a performance. He also commented that it was extremely brave for them to choose to do so as a part of their lineup for their performance in America.

Working with a world-class team, and also being the first girl group to hold a world tour across 7 countries and 10 cities, 2NE1 has successfully completed their New Evolution concert in Seoul last month, and with that as a start, they will be heading to Asia, the Americas, and Europe to meet with Blackjacks all over the world.

Source: OSEN via BaiduBar

Translated by nyldeabcd@YGLadies.com


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