Psy to Hold Nationwide UCC Contest for ‘Gangnam Style’

Currently earning much popularity for his new single and its peculiarly addicting dance, Psy has decided to hold a UCC (User Created Content) contest.

Psy released the music video for Gangnam Style on July 15 and the ‘horse-riding’ dance that is included in the choreography for the song has been gaining much interest.

As many people are enjoying this unique dance, Psy decided to hold a nationwide UCC contest where anyone can recreate the dance or song to fit their regional style.

Contestants can create videos, images, gifs, etc. to express the culture of the region that they reside in through dancing, singing, playing instruments or dressing up.

The judges will include Psy as well as the dance team who choreographed Gangnam Style.

The prizes for the Gangnam Style vs. Nationwide Style Contest range from tickets to Psy’s concert in August to a round trip to Saipan. Autographed copies of Psy’s new album will also be presented.

The contest will begin on July 19 until August 6.

Learn the dance from Psy’s music video below!

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment
Video Credit: officialpsy
Source: enewsworld

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