Prosecutor in Tajinyo Case Counters Appeals with Another Appeal


Soon after the Tajinyo members turned in appeals, the prosecution launched a counter-attack by also turning in an appeal, leading to a continuation of the Tajinyo case that seemed to have come to a close with the jail sentences.

Prosecutor Im Eun Jung, who was in charge of the Tajinyo case, turned in an appeal to the court on July 13.

The appeal followed a string of six appeals turned in by the three members given jail sentences and another three given probations in the final hearing on July 6.

As the case is now set to continue, Tablo will again have to suffer through an affair that was thought to be concluded.

Judge Kwak Yun Kyung had handed out sentences to the accused Tajinyo members on grounds of defamation in the final trial held on July 6.

Three had been put under court custody after being sentenced to 10 months in jail, while six had been given two year probations for eight to 10 months in jail.

The long and winding court processions started when Tablo sued the members of a café named Tajinyo (We Want the Truth from Tablo) for spreading rumors that he was lying about his graduation from Stanford University.

Source: enewsworld

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